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Radial lacing is when the spoke goes straight from the hub to the rim. It lighter do to shorter spoke lengths and vertically stiffer, but flexier laterally. Radial lacing also requires a skilled wheel builder do be done properly. When Louis officially became king, he gave Marie Antoinette Petit Trianon, a three story “pleasure house” tucked away in the vast grounds of Versailles. The house had been under construction from 1762 68 it was intended for Madame de Pompadour, a mistress of Louis XV. Marie Antoinette was delighted with her acquisition and expanded its domain to include a rustic farm and town that she called Le Hameau (“the hamlet”).

Aside from that I suppose it projection and living life vicariously through me (or anyone in their twenties). We have some issues we working out and we agreed we don want to marry until we sure we can live together in the same space. Even if we did get married, I don know if the condo association would be required to honor that.

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